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Why Pawrents

Special pricing and benefits for pilot program customers.
Valid till February 29th, 2024. 

dogs in sweater

Affordable in price,
abundant in love 

Saves you thousands of dollars on dog boarding expense each year 

Two dogs

Service guarantee 

The sitter needs to receive a 5 star review or meet our minimum service requirements to receive the points.

Lifelong friendship

Dog parents you can trust

We match you with Pawrents you can trust. e.g. school buddies or work pals

Dogs in Sweaters

Trust and Safety 

We mandate a criminal record background check on all swaps. We take complaints seriously and maintain a one-strike and you're-out policy. 


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Quality care out of love  by another dog parents who you can trust 



Often hosted by gig workers managing multiple dogs.

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Busy and noisy spaces with the risk of your dog catching infections

14 days of overnight boarding 


Get connected to other devoted pawrents in San Francisco

👯  Answer a few questions about you and your dog. We are looking for devoted pawrents and reasonably well-trained dogs. 

Brown Minimalist Work Together As Team Instagram Post


Affordable in price,
abundant in love 

🐶Once you post your request, we work hard in the background to help you find a pawrent you can trust. 

Please text ‪(415) 890-5582‬ regarding your request 


Trust and safety is at the heart of everything we do 

🐶 Hosting earns points. It can be playtime at the park, day care, or overnight boarding. These points can be used for post-boarding requests. 

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