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Dog Boarding Swap Tips

Meet & Greet:

We suggest meeting at a public, enclosed dog park to allow the dogs to become acquainted. To kickstart the boarding conversation, we have provided an exchange questionnaire.

For longer boarding periods, it can be beneficial to trial a couple nights beforehand to help ease your (dog's) anxiety.

Questions for the Host:

  1. What does your daily schedule look like?

  2. How often do you provide potty breaks for the dogs?

  3. How long will the dog be left alone?

  4. Will the dogs be allowed on the bed?

  5. Will the dogs be allowed on the couch?

  6. Will the dog be crated?

  7. Do you use shock collar/e collar

Questions for the Guest:

  1. Does the dog bark a lot?

  2. Is the dog fully vaccinated?

  3. Is the dog fully house trained?

  4. How often does the pup need potty breaks?

  5. How long can the pup be left alone at home?

  6. Is the pup destructive when left alone?

  7. Are there any dietary restrictions?

  8. Are there any medication requirements?

  9. Is the dog okay with dog parks?

  10. Is the dog okay with big dogs?

  11. Is the dog okay with small dogs?

  12. How is your dog's recall?

Prior to boarding:

Guests should pack the following items:

  1. Care Instructions ( The questionnaire would be a good start!)

  2. Enough food for the whole stay

  3. Treats

  4. Dog bed

  5. Toys

  6. Poop bags

  7. Collar/harness and leash

  8. Emergency contact information

  9. Emergency vet information

  10. Preferred communication frequency and method

  11. Give your dog a bath if needed

Hosts should provide:

  • At least one picture update per day (other pawrents will appreciate it)

  • Lots of love and affection for the visiting dog

  • 24/7 access to fresh drinking water

  • Regular potty break

  • Sufficient exercise based on the dog's needs


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