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Pawrents Testimonial

It is such a relief having such a wide pool of people who are familiar with dogs. As someone who is new to SF, it has been tough to find people who I trust and who I feel comfortable asking such a big favor. And the alternative has been leaving Willow at the cheapest "doggy hotel", still spending a fortune, and having a sick, smelly dog every time we returned from a trip. This platform takes the awkwardness out of the favor because everyone participating is open to returning the favor. It has given me and my husband such peace of mind and has really helped our budget!

Amy Berbert

Willow's mom

This community has been just a lifesaver as someone who was laid off this year and really wanted to travel to see my mom after major surgery. I was so happy with the level of care my dog received while I was traveling, and we have both had a blast getting to know other dogs and their owners


Jennifer Craig

Shadow's Mom

My experience has been amazing. My family and I had a vacation trip of nearly 10 days, so I was looking for a place for Coco and Lychee. I was lucky enough to find someone in the community. Before boarding, we had a few meet-ups for the puppies to play and get to know each other. Our host provided updates and video chats during their stay, which brought a sense of assurance I really appreciated. Everyone has been very friendly and thoughtful in the community. A lot of great memories were made!


Phuong Le

Coco and Lychee's mom

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