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Swap dog sitting & Travel freely

Pawrents San Francisco
the Pawrents

Members only dog sitting swap community for Bay Area dog parents.

Pawrents SF
Pawrents SF
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Golden Retriever





Co-created and built with love by the community 

1000+  Pawrents

600+  nights swapped

$50,000+  savings


Affordable in price, abundant in love

2 weeks boarding cost comparison




Traditional dog sitters


San Francisco dog sitting

Why Pawrents

Your dog's safety and wellbeing is at the heart of what we do

San Francisco community

Affordable in price,
abundant in love

Saves you thousands of dollars on dog boarding expense each year

Swap dog sitting SF

Dog parents you can trust

We thoroughly vet all our members and their dogs. They are either referred by a current member or we met them in person at an event.

Swap dog sitting in SF

Loving Community

The community is co-created by loving dog parents. Join our online community or monthly in person events to meet other dog parents near you, like you.

dog boarding SF

Trust and Safety

We mandate a criminal record background check on all swaps. We take complaints seriously and maintain a one-strike and you're-out policy.

Pawrents Testimonial

It is such a relief having such a wide pool of people who are familiar with dogs. As someone who is new to SF, it has been tough to find people who I trust and who I feel comfortable asking such a big favor. And the alternative has been leaving Willow at the cheapest "doggy hotel", still spending a fortune, and having a sick, smelly dog every time we returned from a trip. This platform takes the awkwardness out of the favor because everyone participating is open to returning the favor. It has given me and my husband such peace of mind and has really helped our budget!

SF dog moms community

Amy Berbert

Willow's mom

This community has been just a lifesaver as someone who was laid off this year and really wanted to travel to see my mom after major surgery. I was so happy with the level of care my dog received while I was traveling, and we have both had a blast getting to know other dogs and their owners

SF dog sitting

Jennifer Craig

Shadow's Mom

My experience has been amazing. My family and I had a vacation trip of nearly 10 days, so I was looking for a place for Coco and Lychee. I was lucky enough to find someone in the community. Before boarding, we had a few meet-ups for the puppies to play and get to know each other. Our host provided updates and video chats during their stay, which brought a sense of assurance I really appreciated. Everyone has been very friendly and thoughtful in the community. A lot of great memories were made!

dog boarding swaps

Phuong Le

Coco and Lychee's mom


Founder's Note

Hi, I'm Bao. My dog - Donut has been my constant source of comfort and my home away from home. The guilt of leaving him behind during travels led to the creation of Pawrents. We're here to help you find a loving community to care for your pup.

At Pawrents, your pup's safety is our top priority.Our dog sitting swaps are an exclusive, invite-only, and members-only space. To maintain the quality of our community, we charge a membership fee, and every penny goes back into supporting our community.

Our dogs are family members and I hope Pawrents can be your village. 

Bao & Donut

dog boarding swap community
dog boarding


Frequently asked questions

  • How does Pawrents compare to Rover?
    Pawrents is a members only and invite only community for people who love their dog, not a dog sitter search platform. Pawrents community is based on trust and reciprocity. There is no financial exchange between members. Pawrents looks to connect members who have something in common (like work pals or school buddies) to swap dog sitting with each other. You can do a swap, or earn credits by hosting and use those credits to board your dog somewhere else later. Pawrents is affordable in price and abundant in love. Rover costs around $80 per night in San Francisco. On Pawrents, you pay a flat yearly membership fee for unlimited swaps.
  • Can I join if I don't live in the San Francisco?
    Our dog-swapping service is currently limited to San Francisco (for now). However, we do make exceptions for those working in SF who are willing to travel for pick-up/drop-off. Stay tuned, as we have plans to expand to other cities soon! 🌟🐾
  • Can I join Pawrents if I don't have a dog?
    Not this time. At its core, Pawrents is a community based on trust and reciprocity. We believe that being a dog parent shows dog care experience and a deep love for our furry friends.
  • Can I pay to use Pawrents without hosting other dogs?
    Not at this time. At its core, Pawrents is a community based on trust and reciprocity. There is no financial exchange between members and we believe hosting other dogs is critical to increase trust between members.
  • How do I join?
    🛡️Ensuring your fur baby's safety is our top priority. Joining as a member is possible in two ways: 1. Apply online and be referred by a current member. 2. Apply online and attend our in-person event to complete a temperament test. Please note that completing these steps doesn't guarantee membership invites. We're committed to creating a secure and trusted environment for devoted Pawrents.
  • Is there a commitment to apply?
    There is no commitment, so you can apply first and decide whether to join once you hear back. Similarly, once you're in the community, there are no minimum hosting requirements. When, whether, and with whom to swap is always entirely up to you!
  • How does the credit system work?
    You'll earn 1 credit each day you host a dog. You can swap with the same dog parent. Or you can host one dog to earn credits and request boarding with another dog parent.
  • What kind of background check does Pawrents conduct before swaps?
    We conduct a criminal record background check. There is no impact to your credit score as we do not ask for your SSN. If you don't have any criminal record, we will receive an empty report. If you have any criminal record, we will receive a list of records that show the offense type and charges filed Dates.
  • What do I do if I couldn't find a match?
    Pawrents is confident that, you will find at least one pawrent who is willing to help some of the days. If you don't find anyone who can help, we will give you 5 credits as an apology. Simply show us proof that someone outside the group took care of your dog after your travel dates. 🐾📅
  • What's the Pawrents cancellation policy?
    After a boarding request is confirmed, sitters can withdraw their help without penalty up to 7 days before the travel date. However, if cancellation occurs within 7 days of the travel date, sitters will incur a penalty of 5 credits. We will try our best to find our dog parents an alternative. If we can't find any alternative, the dog parent will receive all credits back, plus 5 credits for future use as our apology. Dog parents can withdraw their request without penalty up to 7 days before the travel date. However, if cancellation occurs within 7 days of the travel date, dog parents won't receive a refund and will lose 50% of the credits. The sitter will receive 50% of the credits to compensate for their preparation.
  • Where does the membership fee go to support?
    We reinvest 100% of the revenue into community building and team expansion. Our projected 2024 community costs are over $200,000. Employees and customer support - $150,000 Marketing and events - $20,000 Engineering and software maintanience - $30,000 Misc admin costs - $5000
  • How much does it cost to board my dog?
    No nightly fees here! Just pay the flat yearly membership fee and swap dog sitting as much as you want.
  • What if I don't have enough credits?
    Upon purchasing your membership, you'll receive a starting balance of 5 or 10 credits. Hosting earns credits, while boarding costs credits. Premium members can go negative once per year. While our main focus is on dog-sitting swaps, we understand that unforeseen situations may arise, and you may need urgent credits. Additional credits can be purchased at $30 per credit.
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